How Art and Miniatures found me 

I was born  in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1979.

From the time I could hold a pencil I was drawing.

The first thing I drew was a big red house on my mothers newly installed cream coloured carpet.

Needless to say from then on they supplied me with huge rolls of paper to keep me out of trouble.

My  grandmother on my father's side loved art too, she was always sketching  and painted murals.

Unfortunately she passed away when I was young.

I guess I inherited this love for art from her, it is not something I was taught and I never had the opportunity to  study art.

Its just something I always felt I needed to do.

I was always a quiet child preferring to spend my time in my room drawing.

When I finished high school I  started working at an art supply shop in Garden Centre.

I loved being surrounded by all the paper and art materials even though I didn't have much time to create.

When I was about 20 years old, the owner of the art shop and dear friend gave me a gift

consisting of a case full of oil paints and brushes.

I was so appreciative I wanted to thank her somehow.

At that point I had only ever seen and made full sized drawings and paintings.

I decided to make her a "small" painting as I learned she had an interest in miniatures 

and belonged to a Miniature Guild in Cape Town.

I didn't know anything about miniatures at the time, but I tried to make a painting

as small as I could (oil on canvas) that she hopefully could use in her collection.

She was very surprised to receive it and  showed it to fellow miniature enthusiasts. 

As there was no one making small paintings, so they encouraged me to make more

for their next Miniature Fair and Auction in Rondebosch Cape Town.

They warmly welcomed me to the world of miniatures and for the last 20 years since then

 I have been exhibiting at these annual events.

17 years ago I moved from Cape Town to a small town called Robertson in the Breede River Valley 

also known as "The valley of wine and roses" to pursue my painting career full time.

This small town with scenic wine farms and beautiful mountains has proved to be a very inspiring place.

Later I started receiving online orders for unique and  personalised paintings, 

such as family, pet and self portraits, specific landscapes, steam trains and many other subjects.

Some commission replicas of their favourite full scale paintings like a Rembrandt or the Mona Lisa, in miniature.

 I not only love painting in miniature now, but have grown to appreciate the entire world of miniatures as a fine art

and have met many wonderful people along the way.

I am currently showing my art at annual auctions and fairs in Cape Town as well as Online to

collectors in other parts of the world
on simplysmall.com and petitcoinnosseurs.com

I hope to share my love for art and all things beautiful with you.


"Life is so precious and short,

but through art we can capture these fleeting moments in time 

and enjoy them a little longer"

                                                             - Cindy Lötter